Indigo Leaf Powder

The natural color of Indigo leaf powder is deep blue and when used with henna powder it gives brown or black shade to the hairs.

Common Name : Indigo
Botanical Name : indigofera tinctoria
Habitat : Tropical Climate Areas in India
Parts Used : Leaf
Synonyms : Wasma, Black Henna, Indigofera, Neel

HS Code : 3203 0040 / 3305 9040

It is a natural colorant and just like henna it also a shrub that grows in subtropical region and it is used as natural grey hair coverage offering agent. There are certain advantage of using indigo hair dye

•    It is 100% natural
•    It give deep blue tint to hair
•    It gives black shade when used with henna or henna dyed hair
•    Devoid of any chemical like ammonia
•    Gives soothing effect and natural shine to hairs

Usage and Application:

•    It is advisable to perform sensitivity test before applying
•    Always keep it away from eyebrows and eyelashes
•    Do not let the mixture or paste dry in your hair
•    Dry indigo not only will be difficult to rinse but also may take out some hair while washing
•    This Natural Indigo is also used as a basic fabric dye.
•    Its leaves are extracted to make Indigo Cakes for making cloth dyes.

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