Henna Leaf Powder

Henna leaf powder is one of the most popular forms of the herb henna and it is used widely all across the globe due to various benefits it holds. Red henna considered to be the most popular due to its property for offering coverage to grey hairs. It contains lawsone which has the property of red-orange dye and it is also known as hennotannic acid.

Common Name : Henna
Botanical Name : lawsonia inermis
Habitat : Rajasthan, India
Parts Used : Leaf
Industrial Classifications : Natural Orange 6 / C.I. 75480
CAS No. : 83-72-7
HS Code : 1404 1019 / 3305 9040
Synonyms : Mehandi, Lawsone, Red Henna

Natural Henna: Natural Henna is driven from a shrub and is popularly known as Mehndi. The leaves of this shrubs are used to make Henna Leaf Powder, average height of this shrub is around 20 ft.

The farming of Henna is done across India; however, it is most popularly grown in state of Rajasthan. The major portion of this commercial crop comes from this state. Tropical weather suits this plant and it grows well in the areas where temperature remains on the higher side. Temperature between 30°C to 45°C is considered to be ideal for this crop. It is ability to survive even in the drought like conditions makes it preferred choice of farmers in the state like Rajasthan. Henna has been grown from generation in the state of Rajasthan and particularly in Sojat and area near Pali district.
Henna leaves are usually green in color which turn yellow before they start shedding from plant. This herb is also considered to have medicinal effects and considered useful in skin diseases.

Use of Henna: This natural herb is been used for many purposes

•    As a natural conditioner to hairs
•    As a natural red orange dye for hairs
•    For grey hair coverage
•    For body art
•    Temporary tattoo
•    Bridal Mehndi nights across various religion in India
•    As a scalp care product

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