Neutral Henna

Neutral Henna: It is also known as cassia obovata, casia is used as natural henna hair conditioner. It is very useful for those who like to use henna for natural conditioning without changing their natural color. Just like natural henna it is also derived from pure leaves of henna and is popularly known as neutral henna.



There are certain benefits which it holds

•    Gives natural shine to hairs
•    Conditioned the hairs
•    Doesn’t change the natural color of hairs
•    It helps in getting healthy haris
•    It soothes the scalp
•    It has calming effect
•    It is a non toxic deep conditioning agent
•    It gives lasting effect
•    It improves the natural texture of your hairs
•    It treats the scalp
•    It is also known for having antifungal and antimicrobial property

Apart from this properties and uses this form of henna is very cost effective. Cassia obovata is also known as clear henna, white henna or colorless henna.