Henna Hair Oil

Henna Hair Oil: This oil is also known and mehandi oil or tattoo oil, mehandi is just synonym and tattoo oil because it helps to darken the color of tattoo when mixed with the paste used for mehandi designs or tattoos.

This oil comes with all the natural benefits of henna which is why it is highly popular for scalp and hair care use. It gives wonderful smell which facilitate soothing and relaxing effect. Some of the benefits are

•    Treats scalp problems like itching
•    Fights the problem of dry scalp
•    Helps in getting rid of dandruff
•    Works well with dry hairs
•    Repairs sun damaged hairs
•    Makes hair smooth
•    Treats coarse and rough hair
•    Improves the texture of hairs
•    Nourishes both hair and scalp
•    Regular use strengthen the roots of hair and make them shinier

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