Henna Hair Dye

Henna Hair Dye: Today hair dyeing  is not just covering the grey strings in the hairs, it is lot more than that. It has become an art and the demand for natural hair dyes has gone up. The black henna manufacturers and brown henna suppliers are getting good demand for Kali Mehandi or natural henna from various part of the world.

There are various colors and dyes are available in the market that offers grey hair coverage; however, most of these products have chemicals and additives which might not suit your hairs furthermore these chemical and damage hairs and make them rough. Some of the hair colorant comes with ammonia which is not good at all for hairs all these things have given rise to the demand of natural hair dyeing products like henna.

Henna offers various shades for hair dyeing like Black, Brown, Special Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Golden Brown, Wine Red, Burgundy & Mahogany; however, the natural shade of this herb is red-orange. The end result of henna dyed hairs also depends upon the hairs, as upon applying on already dyed and depending upon the natural colors of hairs which may vary person to person and across the globe.









Here are some of the advantage of henna hair dye

•    It is natural
•    Free from chemicals
•    Repairs both scalp and hairs
•    Also works as a conditioner
•    Easy to use and rinse
•    Can be used on already dyed hairs
•    Can be used on perms and chemically treated hairs
•    Nourishes your hairs and make hairs stronger and shinier

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