Henna Hair Colour

Henna Hair Color: When it comes to hair coloring, one looks for natural hair color and henna is considered to be one of the best options of herbal hair color. What makes one henna special is its ability to produce different shades of dyes naturally.

Henna based colors are available in shade of red, brown, burgundy and dark brown. The reason why henna is becoming widely popular as hair colorant because of its ability to nourishing the hairs and scalp. Most of the hair colors available in the market comes with harmful chemicals like ammonia. These chemicals may not suit every person or skin types, moreover these chemicals damage hairs and make them rough. Constant use of such colors make result in increase in grey hairs and shedding of hairs.

Here are some of the advantages that henna based herbal hair colors bring

•    100% natural and safe
•    Does not contain any chemicals
•    Nourishes hair and scalp
•    Conditioned hairs naturally
•    Excellent coverage for grey hairs
•    These can be used on chemically treated hairs
•    These can be used safely on pre dyed haris
•    No side effects

S2 International provides pure herbal hair colors based on henna. Our export quality products make us exceptional provider for natural hair colorants and her.