Henna Design Paste

Henna Design Paste: Henna has been used to decorate various body parts; henna tattoo paste and henna paste tubes have become very much popular among people and body decoration artists. The paste form makes it easier for application, it gives more control to the artist while designing tattoos and decoration designs.

The biggest advantage of this paste is the natural benefits of Mehandi which makes it 100% safe and secure and it is also available in various colors like indigo, orange, black and red. Since it comes in different colors so it also gives the artists creative liberty, they can be more playful colors and designs.

Mehandi designs are not only popular they are part of various traditions and ceremonies. These designs and decorations are an integral part of various festivals as well and it makes these festivals more enjoyable and adds to the beauty men and women.

For your convenience S2 International provides this paste in various packages and with added preservatives by the virtue of which our products have increased shelf life. We are an established name in the market of herbal products, we are known for producing high quality export products which are distributed across the globe and in domestic market as well.