Henna Hair Colouring

Henna Hair Coloring: Henna is been used for hair coloring from ages, its natural benefits gives it an advantage over the other hair coloring agents. Unlike the organic product henna hair dyeing products do not have side effects.Body art quality henna is considered to be the best for hair coloring. It is a natural conditioner and unlike the other organic hair dyeing products it does not make your hairs rough and dry.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while coloring the hairs

•    Make sure your henna powder is well sifted
•    Avoid lump formation while making the paste
•    Lemon juice or tea can be added for better results
•    Use henna on clean and dry hairs
•    Apply it from the roots to tips
•    Making part of the hairs with comb will make applying easy
•    Don’t let the henna dry in your hairs
•    Wear plastic cap after applying heanna, it will help in keeping it warm and damp
•    Use only water for cleaning the hairs avoid using shampoo

Henna is excellent in providing coverage for grey hairs, S2 international offers various varieties of this safe and secure herb in various forms for the use hair coloring purpose.