Henna Hair Care: Henna is a natural herb which has been used for hair conditioning and hair dying from years. Since its natural it does not have any side effect hence it provider excellent herbal henna hair care. It smoothen, revitalize and gives natural shine to hairs. It provides excellent grey hair coverage and claiming effect to scalp.

Henna Hair Care Tips: There are some things one needs to take notice for hair care with tips

•    Always go for fresh and pure product
•    Though it is herbal; however, it is advisable to get a sensitivity test done before application
•    Always use well sifted, it will reduce the chances of lump formation
•    Slightly damp hairs can be easier to apply
•    Always part your hairs before applying
•    Apply from roots to tips
•    Use of tea or coffee brew can add to the tint of dye
•    Once applied you can leave it for around 1 hour
•    Don’t let the henna dry in your hairs
•    Always wash your hairs properly
•    Avoid using shampoo
•    If your hairs are dry then you use conditioner

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