Henna Body Art: Henna is being used for body art from very long time. In India henna is widely used for henna tattoos and human body decoration. It has become an integral part of Indian weddings nights. The craze of Mehandi is easily can be seen amongst women of all age groups. It has also become an integral part of various festivals and rituals. There are certain things which makes henna a preferred choice for body decoration artists and these are:-


•    Herbal colors
•    No side effects
•    Decoration and Designs made for henna are temporary
•    Easily available
•    Easy to prepare and very simple to use
•    Its dye grows darker with the addition of tea
•    It has a cool soothing effect on skin

Temporary tattoos of henna and body decoration by this herb is not only popular in India but also several other parts of the world. Henna decoration has become a popular trend before major events.
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